Hi I’m David, owner operator at Low Voltage Components.

My passion is to serve people with attention to detail that stands alone and above the rest. After almost a decade of aviation military service as a search and rescue operator, I have stepped back into my prior field of technology design and integration. My goal is to continue providing my due diligence as an American Patriot and contribute exemplary service to the American People.

Think about it, the well deserved comforts of today’s world should be available to everyone. Whether your in an apartment or a 10,000 sqft home, I intend to make that happen.

CLSB C7 License # 1056087

Imagine coming home after a long day. Its almost sunset. You step up to your door as it automatically unlocks for you. As you enter into the home, the alarm system starts beeping that familiar, audible countdown. This sound has become welcomed, knowing it means your home has been secure since your last departure. After you put in the code to disarm, you notice the room change. Your automation light scene schedule initiates efficiently, right at sunset, every day. You’ve programmed this to your desired illumination for each and every evening. The automated shades fall into place as you sit down. You’ve been waiting all day to relax and enjoy your theater, and that time has finally arrived. You pull out your phone and with both feet up, a simple touch extinguishes every light in the house. With one last check-in to the real world, a few quick swipes and taps takes care of arming the house and locking the door. Safe and secure, just in case you fall asleep again on the couch. The grab of the remote signals another personal victory to the day and you sink a bit deeper into the cushions feeling the comforts and enjoy your piece of the 21st Century at your fingertips.